Chuck D is convinced that the Feds are making famed talk show hosts exploit young Black people.

On Tuesday morning (Nov. 19), the Public Enemy rapper vented his frustrations about the content he sees on daytime talk shows like Maury and The Jerry Springer Show. In a tweet posted to his Twitter timeline, Chuck suggests that the Feds are paying hosts like Maury Povich and Jerry Springer to purposely exploit the lives of young Black people everywhere.

"Just how much the fed$ pay these old white dudes like Maury & Jerry showtiming young folks dysfunctional sht on Air ...especially young blacks," Chuck D tweeted. "Beware of elder media Nucointelpro buzzards hovering. Everything ain’t entertainment in fact it’s exploitation."

The frontman for Public Enemy, who dropped their last album Nothing Is Quick In The Desert in 2017, is known to speak out whenever he feels he's seen an injustice. Earlier this year, Chuck was one of several veteran MC's who defended De La Soul after they claimed that Tommy Boy Records tried to take 90% of the revenue that would be generated by releasing the iconic rap group's discography on digital streaming platforms.

"@tommyboyrecords take care of De La Soul, Do he right thing! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾," Chuck wrote in his caption on Instagram.

Chuck also joined the assortment of artists who spoke out after mass shootings occurred in both Texas and Ohio back in August.

"The United States Of America has a severe issue with calling its Caucasian males ‘terrorists’ but quick triggered on calling all other ethnicities it," Chuck said about the shootings. "Explain people because the media STILL has a issue calling Timothy McVeigh one as they vanished him from current history talks."

As of this report, neither Maury nor Jerry Springer have responded to Chuck D's accusations.

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