It's been awhile since Chris Rock graced the stage. Actually, it's been over five years. During his appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Rock spoke on how he's finally returning to comedy with his upcoming tour called, "The Black Plague." Rock credited the name of the tour to Kanye West, as he explained how Kanye gave him the name when the two were listening to music one day.

"It's been four-five years since the 'Black Plague Tour'. We're spreading the Black Plague all over the world. Kanye gave me that name," Rock told Fallon.

Rock also touched on how he asked for the Yeezus superstar's permission to use the name and that West was willing to let him have it.

"He said Black Plague when we were listening to records or whatever. And he said, 'Black Plague.' And I said, 'Ooh, can I use that?' He was like 'ok,' said Rock.

If you recall, Chris Rock assisted West on his classic track "Blame Game" which was featured on Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

"I'm gonna spread the 'Black Plague' Jimmy," said Rock.

In addition to returning back to his comedic roots, Rock will also be hosting the BET Awards, which will feature performances from Lil' Wayne, Drake, and more.

Check out the rest of the interview with Jimmy Fallon below.