Chris Brown recently walked out of custody court a happy man after a judge denied all of his child's mother, Nia Guzman's attempts to block or hinder his custody of their 2-year-old daughter Royalty.

Guzman was seeking full custody and monitored visitation for CB. She was also attempting to block Brown's mother from seeing the child and wanted the Virginia crooner to have to submit to drug tests. But all her requests were turned down by a judge, TMZ reports.

Chris will maintain joint custody and will get his mandated 12 days of visitation a month.

According to the report, Brown had been paying Guzman's $20,000 lawyer fees during the custody battle, by court order. But, after losing on all counts, the judge said Brown would no longer have to foot the bill and gave Breezy a credit.

Brown and Guzman have been back and forth to court several times since the birth of their daughter. Most recently, in May, Guzman tried to attempt to limit the singer's custody, but failed in that attempt also. Guzman had claimed that Brown’s drug use and gang affiliation were putting their daughter in harms way, with Brown denying back in late-January that his smoking habits were to blame for Royalty’s asthma.

Guzman was also looking to increase the child support she receives from $2,500 a month to nearly $16,000. The report states she has since rescinded that motion.

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