Another week, another Chris Brown-Karrueche Tran story. Just days after allegedly getting into a screaming match with Karrueche at an L.A. diner, Breezy joined the On Air With Ryan Seacrest show on Tuesday (June 9) and confessed that he is hoping the two can work things out over time and get back together. "I'ma be honest and be a man about it," said Brown during the interview. "I just take it one day at a time. I can't promise anything, or jump over the moon. But I think it takes time for all wounds... I take full responsibility for my actions and things that I've done in in the past. I think it's just a time thing."

Over the course of the interview, which aired on iHeartRadio, the singer also stated that he is still in love with his ex after Seacrest shot him the straightforward question. "I'm not a hateful person," replied Brown. "Of course I still love her."

Tran and Brown have been talking about one another in interviews over the past few momths, but with two very different points of view. While Brown claims he still loves her, Tran said during an interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood that she tries to avoid the singer. "It’s hard... But I make it so we don’t have to cross paths so it’s not awkward,” said Tran. “But I do get on Instagram and there’s people tagging us or I’ll hear a song, but I try and block it out.”

Brown's erratic behavior has been playing out on social media as well and Breezy posted an absurd picture on Instagram late last night:


The photo is, of course, one of the final shots taken of Tupac before he was tragically gunned down on the Vegas Strip. Who knows what Brown was thinking when he photoshopped himself into the picture.