Despite his past legal troubles, Chris Brown has recently been able to work the law in his favor by avoiding more jail time, fines and probation. According to a TMZ report, Breezy struck a deal for two cases, which allowed him to pay a large sum of money out of pocket. The singer settled his D.C. assault case, as well as, the lawsuit involving Frank Ocean's camp outside a studio.

Although his bodyguard admitted and was later charged for attacking a D.C. man last year, Breezy plead guilty to misdemeanor assault to rid his name of the civil lawsuit that continued to cloud his career. He reportedly forked over around $100,000. As if that didn't lighten up his pockets enough, Brown finalized the case involving a major brawl outside of a West Hollywood recording studio last January with Frank Ocean's camp. While Frank Ocean's cousin originally sued Brown for $3 million, they were able to settle it for under $20,000.

Brown will officially be off probation by January 2015.