Chris Brown's assault case has prompted a visit from child services. The Department of Child and Family Services went to Brown's house today (Sept. 22) to check on the well-being of his daughter Royalty according to TMZ.

A source believes the visit was prompted by Royalty's mother Nia Guzman. The belief is Guzman filed a complaint against Chris Brown following the news of him being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Chris Brown has maintained his innocence in the assault case ever since a woman named Baylee Curran accused him of pulling a gun on her. Although Brown was arrested following a strange standoff with police, the district attorney has not charged Breezy with anything yet.

The legal team for Chris Brown thinks the D.A. has not filed charges because they don't have anything on their client. No firearms were found by the LAPD during their search of Brown's house. Baylee Curran's story has also come into question after text messages emerged which allegedly showed her plan to falsely accuse Brown in an act of revenge. A former roommate of Curran also said she has a history of lying.

The child services investigation is not the only headache Chris Brown's dealt with in the aftermath of his arrest. Japan denied the singer's work visa application due to the ongoing assault case. As a result, Brown will have to miss some shows he had scheduled in Tokyo for next week.

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