Chris Brown has been hard at work and play since his release from jail. When he hasn’t been in the studio or club, the singer has been having fun at celebrity sporting events. This past Saturday Brown gathered together some of his superstar friends for a game of kickball at the Los Angeles Glendale Sports Complex to help raise money for charity.

With the help of fellow singer and co-host Quincy (Diddy’s stepson), Brown staked up teams of well-known faces including Amber Rose, Game, Christina Milian, Paris Hilton, Omarian, DJ Khaled, Jamie Foxx and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

The "New Flame" singer's team pulled out a win at the event. After losing Amber Rose jokingly took to Twitter where she said: “FYI Chris’ team soooo cheated!!! ( I’m just mad cuz we lost) anyway it was for a good cause and we had a blast!”