Chris Brown may have avoided a felony assault charge after allegedly punching a man outside his hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning, but he's not going to walk away from this past weekend's incident in Washington, D.C., without any repercussions. According to a statement released by one of his representatives, Brown will be heading to rehab ahead of his next probation hearing on November 20.

"Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility," said a representative for Brown in a statement. "His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point."

Brown, still on probation for his beating of Rihanna before the Grammys in 2009, isn't out of the woods yet with this most recent charge—misdemeanor assault carries a possibility of 180 days in jail and a fine of $1,000—but it's his probation hearing that is his biggest concern. If found in violation of his probation, he could be headed to jail for up to 4 years.

It's unclear what he's going to rehab for—though TMZ reports it is for anger management counseling—but it seems to be designed to show the judge positive progress in an attempt to avoid jail time. The court date should be pretty revealing at this point.

Brown's next album, X, is due December 3.