Chingy is tight about being named on a viral Twitter list of the 50 Worst Rappers of All-Time.

On Wednesday (Oct. 26), VladTV aired a segment of a new interview with Chingy where the St. Louis, Mo. rapper is asked to address his name appearing on the viral list of top 50 worst MCs ever.

"They kill me," Chingy said about the creators of the list. "They have nothing to do. They sit around. I don't know if they watching videos or anything and somebody just write down some names and say, 'Oh, these are the 50 worst rappers.'"

"It's just absurd," a clearly perturbed Chingy continued. "Here's the thing. The people who looking at it that's talking about it is what give it energy or it would have no energy. To me, it's invalid because it's subjective. It's 7 billion people in this existence. When you ask each one of these people who's your favorite rapper, you're probably gonna get a different answer. I've sold over 50 million records worldwide. I still have success. It's people that love me...So how am I one of the worst rappers? If everybody in this existence not saying, 'That dude can't rap. He's the worst,' then that mean you not the worst? If everybody not saying it, you not the worst. That list is absurd and it need to be done away with. Somebody got too much time on their hands."

Chingy is referring to a list labeling the 50 Worst Rappers of All-Time that came out on Twitter in August that ranked him No. 27.

The list caused a lot of stir on social media when it was released, generating a plethora of mixed responses.

See Video of Chingy Reacting to Making the 50 Worst Rappers List Below

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