Donald Trump picks up a hip-hop endorsement as Chingy tweeted that he plans on voting for Trump if he is named the candidate for the Republican party. The rapper points to the politician's experience in the business world as the reason why he believes Trump is the right man for the job:

Chingy is certainly in outlier in his support for Trump as the rest of the hip-hop world has been outspoken in their dislike for the 2016 presidential candidate. In December, Jeezy voiced his support for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and blasted Trump for using politics to boost his personal brand. "“Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, right now to me, are class acts in my book,” he said. “You got someone like Donald Trump. Whether he wins or loses, Trump is doing this for his brand. You’re sitting back watching someone who should have been out of the race a long time ago based on his actions and everything he does bumps him up in the race because people love it. This is America, we love entertainment. This is no different than his reality show…When I see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, I see people that actually care about the people”

Before Jeezy lashed out, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons wrote an open letter to Trump, telling him to "stop the bullshit." "Stop the bullshit. Stop fueling fires of hate. Don’t feed into the rhetoric created by small-minded people," he wrote. "You’re smarter and certainly more loving then you let on. The Republicans in power don’t like you any more than the Democrats in power, as they know you can’t be controlled, because you are your own man. You have been many people’s champ in the past, but now you are becoming a major embarrassment. I know the cheap seats are easy to play to, but you can get them just by being the man I have known for nearly 30 years."

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