This past Sunday (Dec. 16), Lil Pump ignited a ton of controversy when he played a snippet of his new song "Butterfly Doors," a track in which he uses racial epithets mocking people of Asian descent. Now, a rap group from China has clapped back.

Earlier this week, a nationalist Chinese rap group by the name of CD Rev released a diss track entitled "FXXX Lil Pump." On the track, CD Rev call Pump a racist.

"The fact is you and white racists the same/Respect yourself, you've suffered the pain/You don't know anything 'bout the history/Cause you a nation of immigrants, and you really take it serious/Check it out on those Indians," go the lyrics to the song.

Speaking with the South China Morning Post, Li, who is a member of CD Rev, touched on the anger he felt when he saw Pump's preview.

“My first reaction was anger,” he said. “Not only were the lyrics insulting, he made the face gesture, the whole package. It means that he understood what it meant – understood that it is discriminatory language. It’s quite irresponsible.”

The Higher Brothers' Chengdu has also threatened Pump with a diss track. "I will remix this song to diss you," reads his comment.

In the aforementioned song snippet, Pump raps, "Smoking on dope, they call me Yao Ming 'cause my eyes real low! (Ching chong!)" While that line plays, the "Arms Around You" rapper pulls the sides of his eyes to appear "slanted." Since posting the video, a lot of people have expressed their distaste with the rapper's post.

Listen to the Lil Pump diss below. Watch Pump's controversial song snippet beneath that.



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