Childish Gambino talks about his Awaken, My Love! album in a new interview with Triple J Breakfast. Throughout the 10-and-a-half minute phone conversation, 'Bino discusses how he didn't have much fun making the album, how the project actually doesn't feature many vocal effects, and how America is going through a "teenager phase."

"It’s funny, I think people hear the album and, to be completely honest, it wasn’t a lot of fun," Gambino tells the Australian radio show. "It was actually really hard. I was going through a lot, and I also think in America we’re going through a lot right now, with everything that’s going on."

As aforementioned, the rapper/actor/writer also talks about how he didn't use the computer to change his voice for the project. Instead, Gambino practiced making noises with his own voice, which resulted in many of the fresh sounds you'll hear on Awaken, My Love! 

"Actually there wasn't a ton of vocal stuff done," he says. "I think people hear 'Redbone' and they're like 'Oh he switched all his vocals.' And like, there was no vocal pitching on the album. I just sang differently... some sounds on it aren't instruments at all. They're just my voice, or just clicks on my tongue."

Additionally, the Atlanta TV star discusses working with long-time producer Ludwig Göransson, and how, in his view, the world doesn't truly know what love means anymore. The "3005" artist also goes in-depth about the virtual reality experience that accompanies the album through the Pharos app for smartphones. You can listen to the full interview above via SoundCloud.

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