As Childish Gambino is revving up for the release of his newest album, titled Awaken, My Love!, he continues to draw attention to himself in new and exciting ways. Today (Nov. 30), the "3005" performer added yet another entry into a list of cool things he's done lately by updating his Pharos app. He posted a tweet with a link to his app so fans could see the changes for themselves.

If you visit the app, you'll notice the inclusion of what's described as "an immersive experience of 'Me and your Momma' live from Pharos created in collaboration with Microsoft." Basically, it's a virtual reality concert that gives you a look at Gambino performing "Me and your Momma" during his Pharos concert at Joshua Tree back in September.

In other Gambino-related news, it appears the "Heartbeat" rapper has also updated the website for his new album. You can now purchase three versions of Awaken, My Love! from the site. The digital and physical editions will be available beginning on Dec. 2. The other option is the "virtual reality limited edition vinyl," which appears to be another attempt to infuse aspects of virtual reality with the new project. We have no idea how, exactly, that will work, though.

In any case, Awaken, My Love! drops on Dec. 2. You can peep the tracklist below.

Childish Gambino’s Awaken, My Love! Tracklist

1. “Me and Your Mama”
2. “Have Some Love”
3, “Boogieman”
4. “Zombies”
5. “Riot”
6. “Redbone”
7. “California”
8. “Terrified”
9. “Baby Boy”
10. “The Night Me And Your Momma Met”
11. “Stand Tall”

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