Chief Keef pulls up once again. Today (Sept. 28), the Chicago rapper unleashes The Cozart, a project he first teased three years ago.

With just one feature, The Cozart is 17 tracks of Keef delivering everything from ominous threats to playful, electronic-fueled dance tracks over production from 808 Mafia, TM88, DP Beats and more. The release marks just the latest in a year that's seen several from the 23-year-old rap star.

His latest project, Mansion Musick, got him into a little bit of legal trouble. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice threatened to sue Keef after the rapper allegedly used the inside of one of her homes for the project's cover. We haven't heard too much about the situation since, but needless to say, it was a peculiar one.

In another unfortunately Keef-related development, Keef's L.A. home was recently robbed by burglars while he was still in the crib. Luckily, he walked away unharmed. Here's to hoping he faces more good than bad going forward.

Chief Keef's The Cozart Tracklist

1. "Here Ye"
2. "Same"
3. "Chiraq" featuring Jenn Em
4. "Soldier"
5. "Shorty"
6. "Clutchin"
7.  "Barry Bonds"
8.  "Selfish"
9.  "Beans & Magazines"
10. "Viral"
11. "Hellcat"
12. "For Right Now"
13. "Keep That
14.  "In There"
15. "Ammunition"
16. "Same (Tylee & Marvel Years Remix)"
17. "Chiraq (eMac Remix)"

Chief Keef
Chief Keef

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