A few days removed from dropping his Dedication album, Chief Keef unveils his new video for "Text," a Stuntman-produced track from the project.

The Steve Alien visual for "Text" is pretty straightforward as it focuses on Keef being posted up outside on the block with his peoples. In the video, he rides around in a flossy whip, counts money and stands around the block as his friends tote guns in the background. It's not elaborate, but it's pretty typical for Keef, and it definitely fits the theme of the track.

"Running up that sack/Smoking on this dope; also known as pack/And we got them gats, we won't cut no slack/In these Fendi slacks, I be speakin' facts/I'm all about a stack/Big ass blunts of thracks, and that be the OG, just to be exact/She like how I flex, so she want some sex, I don't wanna talk/She don't wanna text," he spits on the hook.

Keef is now at the tail-end of what's been a big year for his career. He had taken something of a break from readily releasing new music, but he's dropped new projects every few months throughout 2017.

Speaking to XXL last spring, Keef said he was going to stop talking about what he was going to do and actually get to doing it—and he has. Here's to hoping he keeps it up.

Check out the video for "Text" below.

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