Chief Keef, Tadoe and Ballout connect for a new song and video called "Reload." The Chicago rappers post up with their squad throughout the hard-hitting, Colourful Mula-directed clip.

The Glo Gang take turns flexing about fast whips, fine women and potent drugs. "Drive the car like a muhfucking stuntman/Shoot the ball like I'm muhfucking Kobe/Shoot the pistol like I'm muhfucking Odee," Keef spits. "Ice on me, got me colder than a polar/And the dope got me higher than a solar/In that thang, switching lanes like a bowler." You can watch the full, three-and-a-half minute visual below courtesy of YouTube.

In other Sosa-related news, the "Hate Bein' Sober" artist was recently released from jail on $500,000 bail following his Los Angeles arrest on assault charges. As XXL previously reported, Chief Keef and Tadoe are being accused of targeting producer Ramsay Tha Great's house. Allegedly, Sosa and Tadoe broke into Ramsay's home and assaulted him with a Draco AK-47.

“It was a violent home invasion involving firearms being pointed at victims,” LAPD Capt. Brian Pratt said on the news after the arrest. “The detectives did some really great follow up investigation. Witnesses came forward and identified who our suspects were. We knew who we were going after – we weren’t just shooting in the dark.”

Fortunately for Keef, the Chi-town rhymer is out of prison and back working. You can watch the video for "Reload" below.

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