Chief Keef has had enough of Chicago City Officials. Keef expressed his anger to Billboard about his concert being shut down even though it's a benefit show for the families of 22-year-old Marvin Carr, a.k.a. Capo, an associate of the rapper and 13-month-old Dillan Harris who were both killed July 11. Keef initially tried to have the benefit concert in Chicago but Mayor Rahm Emanuel banned the planned concert. Mayor Emanuel’s office said in a statement before the show that Keef is "an unacceptable role model" and his music "promotes violence."  He then tried to pull off a surprise benefit concert in Hammond, Ind., however that was also shut down.

In the interview, Keef said that Chicago city officials were "hating." "They don’t want to see a young black man be successful and try to do something good," he said. "It’s crazy." He added, "If you ask me, man, fuck the mayor with a sandpaper dick! Say it like that."

Two days ago, Keef announced on Twitter that he's running for mayor and it looks like he's serious. "Hell yeah, I’m running! I’m going to get all the ballots and everything. Chief Keef for mayor! Vote for me! They’re going to love me when I get into office. I’m going to make everything right," he said. But due to a previous gun charge as Billboard points out, Keef can't legally run for mayor (imagine if he could, wow).

Alki David, who signed Keef to his record label FilmOn and as well the owner of the hologram company Hologram USA, believes shutting down the concert is illegal and against the First Amendment. "We’re most definitely going to pursue this [in court]," David said. "Municipal leaders are dictating what young people can listen to. It’s absurd. There is zero justification.”

Both David and Keef are still trying to hold the hologram concert. They planned on having Keef simultaneously perform in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles via hologram this September however, MSG backed out of an agreement to host the concert, reports Billboard. The Madison Square Garden Company owns the downtown Chicago venue the Chicago Theatre.

Keef's new album Bang 3 is set for release August 18.

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