While Chief Keef came into the game on the back on Young Chop's drill production, Sosa has turned into a budding beatmaker in his own right having produced tracks off some of his recent projects including the majority of the cuts off his Back From the Dead 3 mixtape and "What Up" off Sorry 4 the Weight. Now the student has turned into the master as Chop recently announced Keef will produce all the tracks on his forthcoming project.

Chop recently made the announcement on Instagram via video. In the clip, Keef sits behind a computer while a track he has produced blares through the speakers.

"He going crazy on the beats though. His beats raw as hell," says Chop while he examines Sosa's product. "This bitch really making beats," Chops adds in somewhat disbelief. "This nigga really making beats though, and them bitches decent."

He captioned the video, "This bitch making all the beats to my next tape."

Young Chop and Keef have been estranged for a while, but recently reunited on the track "Light Heist" last month. While they were apart, Chop started giving in to his first love, rapping. He put out his album King Chop in June.

"It was easy for me to transition back into rap," Chop recently told XXL. "I already was going to do it anyway, so why not now. I was like 12, 13 [when I started producing]. I was with my cousin and shit when I said I want to make beats. Ever since then I’ve been fucking with the beats. Then all that shit just blew up as me as a producer. [For me] making beats is easy, that shit like 15 to 20 minutes. It’s not hard for me; it maybe for other people but not me."

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