The ever-prolific Chief Keef dropped a new EP earlier this month, so of course, he's already back with even newer music. Sosa's latest is "Part Ways," a previously-leaked track from a forthcoming mixtape titled Mansion Musick, which received an official video on Thursday (June 21).

The clip, directed by KALE, finds the "Faneto" rapper posted with friends at a mansion in the Los Angeles hills, host to a poolside bonfire. Like his breakout-era videos, but richer, Keef serves up boasts from the middle of the crowd, surrounded by his guests. He also croaks bars in the driveway in front of a Mercedes Maybach and a Bentley.

The song is all vocal fried slant rhyme, with Sosa offering a fresh melodic take on the "aye" flow, which he jams with rhetorical questions about the nature of his fame and influence, and whether he's made the right decisions along the way.

"Killin' that beat, what you can't see?/You know what it is, know what it may be/Should blame the drugs, but I blame me (aye, aye)/Look at my ring (aye, aye), what's my KD? (aye, aye)?" he spits in the first verse.

The video drops amid Keef's confusingly escalating beef with 6ix9ine, whose antics have placed Tekashi under NYPD investigation in connection to shots fired at Keef outside the W Hotel in New York on June 2. Days after the incident, the Chicago legend released his five-song EP, Ottopsy.

Sosa's Mansion Musick doesn't have a release date, but in the meantime, you can watch his video for "Part Ways" below.

Glory Boyz Entertainment/RBC Records
Glory Boyz Entertainment/RBC Records

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