Five years or so into his mainstream rap career, Chief Keef remains mostly a mystery. With that in mind, plenty of folks were intrigued when the Chicago rapper was revealed as the newest subject of Viceland's TV series, The Therapist. During the therapy session, which aired on Viceland last night (Aug. 8), Keef discusses his affinity for guns and reveals that he turned to paintball in order to distance himself from real ones. Check out the whole episode for yourself below.

During the session, Keef touches on everything from his dead homies to growing up with his grandmother. At some point during his conversation with The Therapist, host Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh suggests to Keef that he should find an alternative to breaking the law and tells him that he might find that alternate by dealing with his affinity for guns. That's when Keef reveals his answer.

"I took it to paintball. And I was doing it every day. I took it so serious," Keef tells Dr. Singh after revealing that he does, in fact, think guns are "nice." "I don't think I'll ever have to have a gun again."

Elsewhere in the interview, Chief Keef touches on his troubles with the law and reveals that, although he still talks to his father, he never felt like he needed him growing up, seeing as he had both his mother and his grandmother.

Check out the newest episode of The Therapist for yourself below. The bit about paintball comes in at around the the 15:45 mark.

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