Chief Keef probably has some crazy fans, but few are as wild as the one who pulled up on the rapper and consumed a fiery blunt.

On Monday (June 24), a brief clip surfaced on Instagram of a young man who stopped Keef while he was puffing on the remains of a blunt. He turns to the camera and says, “This is for Chief Keef right here,” as he shows off his roach. “This is Wu-Tang, Chief Keef right here.”

From the above point on, the young man takes one last pull before he swallows the blunt whole like it was a vitamin with Keef looking on in amazement. It’s a pretty cool—and dangerous—trick. It's also a variation of what magicians have been doing for years with cigarettes.

You can probably add this stunt to the list of crazy hip-hop moments by fans that were caught on camera. Luckily for Keef, who released his GloToven collaborative project with producer Zaytoven in March, the fan didn't chase him down, and it looks like this was a pretty chill interaction.

Check out a man eating a marijuana blunt for Chief Keef below.

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