Another day, another court complication for Chief Keef. This one stems from a minor car accident the rapper found himself involved in this past fall.

According to TMZ's law enforcement sources, Keef was involved in a fender bender in Hollywood back in September, and when police arrived, they checked his information and found that the Chicago rapper had been driving with a suspended or revoked license. Court documents indicate that Keef was ordered to appear in court earlier this month, but he never came, and now, a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest. Yikes.

Of course, Keef is no stranger to the law, as he's been involved with the legal system since he was just a teenager. Earlier this year, he was arrested for the assault of producer Ramsay Tha Great. He was released after posting a $500,000 bail. This past spring, Keef skipped a Miami court date after cops found some weed in his car. At the time, he told TMZ he wasn't sweating it.

“Tell ‘em come get me,” he told the paparazzo at the time. You have to wonder if Keef will take on the same attitude with this case. There's really no way of telling.

One thing that's for sure, though, is that Keef's had a resurgent 2017. Speaking with XXL earlier this year, the rapper promised he had big things in the works.

“I’m gonna stop talking about it,” Keef said about what else he had coming for 2017. “I just want to show. I’m gonna get on my beast shit and get to dropping shit on their ass out of nowhere. Just know, you’re gonna see some heat.”

This past fall, he dropped off his Dedication album.

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