Earlier this year, we interviewed Chief Keef, the biggest rap star to emerge out of Chicago in the last five years. During our wide-ranging conversation, which covered everything from Drake's influence to Sosa's recording process, Keef revealed that Larry Jackson, the Interscope executive who signed Sosa years ago and now works as the head of original content at Apple Music, had actually offered him the first Apple Music deal back when the streaming service initially launched. But for whatever reason, Sosa turned it down, and though artists like Drake and Chance The Rapper would go on to capitalize on similar deals, it looks like Chief Keef and Apple Music have struck up a new relationship.

XXL has learned that Apple Music is producing a documentary on Chief Keef called The Story of Sosa: The Movie. The documentary will cover a large portion of the 21-year-old rapper's life, including his incarceration as a teen, rumors of his death after he was shot at by cops, landing a multi-million dollar deal with Interscope, the impact of his music on the crime rate in Chicago, flawed gun control in his hometown, his escape from a rehab facility in Malibu on foot, and his undeniable influence on the new generation of hip-hop today. The documentary is set to be released in December to celebrate the five-year anniversary of Keef's debut album Finally Rich.

Earlier this week, Sosa and Jackson reunited in L.A. for the first time in nearly three years. The reunion was apparently triggered by our interview, and seeing how Sosa just announced his third mixtape of the year, now's as good a time as ever to let the world know about his upcoming Apple Music documentary.

After taking 2016 off, Sosa's been busy as hell this year, dropping Two Zero One Seven on Jan. 1 and following that up with his long-awaited Thot Breaker project. We talked to CBMix, the main producer behind Thot Breaker, about how it all came together. Keef's next mixtape, The W, is set to drop some time in early September.

Larry Jackson & Chief Keef

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