Chicago Police are investigating possible connections to Chief Keef’s mocking tweets and the murder of teenage Chi-town rapper Lil JoJo, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

In the aftermath of 18-year-old JoJo, real name Joseph Coleman, being gunned down in the Windy City on Tuesday evening (September 4), Chief Keef seemed to poke fun at his death.

“Its Sad Cuz Dat Ni—a Jojo Wanted To Be Just Like Us #LMAO,” Keef tweeted.

Keef’s mocking tweet drew a lot of ire, to which, the Chicago rapper responded that his Twitter account had been hacked.

“If u dnt talk 2 me or dro my manager … it’s not real,” Keef tweeted.

Keef’s manager, Rovan Manuel, defended his client, telling the Sun Times, “that kid made songs like Keef” and the tweet wasn’t meant to be disrespectful to JoJo’s death.

On the day of JoJo's death, he posted the following video, tweeting, "Just Caught @lilreese300 N Traffic His Daddy tryna talk it Out #NoTalkin #Bricksquad." Reese is a member of Keef's 300 crew. In the video, a voice yelling, "I'm a kill you! I'm a kill you," can be heard loud and clear being hurled in JoJo's direction.

“I want justice for my son,” Coleman’s mother, Robin Russell, said to the Sun Times. “It’s a stupid and senseless killing. It wasn’t a gang thing, it was a rap thing. My son was going to get a rap deal like some of them have and they were jealous.”

The outcry stems further than that.

“I warned you all about this Chicago violence in Hip Hop and I was called a Hater,” Chicago native MC Rhymefest tweeted. “Jo Jo was my homeys nephew. He helped on my aldermanic campaign. Now shorty is Dead!”’

Yesterday (September 5), 50 Cent even tweeted Keef: “If you still in New York come see me.”—Mark Lelinwalla