When it comes to late New York rappers who truly had the potential to change the game, Big L and Big Pun are marquee names in The Big Apple's storied history. Both died before they could reach their career's climax. Complex has obtained rare footage of the two legendary rappers, as well as Charlie Hustle and Ron Browz, freestyling and recording back in 1998. In the video, above, L spits his "98 Freestyle" in a cypher that includes Charlie Hustle and Big Pun.

In the video, below, L is posted in D&D Studio with producer Ron Browz spitting the verses from The Big Picture's "Size Em Up." The video was shot by Jewlz of Danger Zone Filmz, who is currently putting together of documentary on Big L's life entitled, Street Struck: The Big L Story.

[via ComplexTV]