Charles Hamilton breaks his silence with his new track, "Correct." The song clocks in at a short 1:38 but Hamilton packs enough in that tight space to keep listeners hoping for more. Spitting over piano chords and a simple drum pattern, the Harlemite discusses wanting to fit in and, as the track fades out, the felony assault case that derailed his career back in 2010. Whether this is just a snippet or the full song, it's always good to hear new music from Charles Hamilton.

Hamilton has been one of the more puzzling artists in hip-hop since he appeared on the 2009 XXL Freshman cover. Blessed with stout lyrical ability, it is his life outside the booth that plagued his career. In 2010, the "Brooklyn Girls" rapper punched two cops in Cleveland, Ohio and was charged with felony assault. Prior to that charge, Hamilton spent time in a mental hospital and was wheelchair bound for "sharp pains in his right leg." While in jail, the rapper was under psychiatric evaluation. After a hiatus, he briefly resurfaced in 2012 and was last seen walking the streets of Harlem in a bizarre interview where he compared Jimmy Iovine to God.

At just 27-years-old there is still time for him to turn his career around.