Chance the Rapper might need to add new suffixes to his stage name. The Chicago upstart is trying his hand in front of the camera, starring in the new short film Mr. Happy, which chronicles the troubles of a depressed, cuckolded young man who can't quite bring himself to end his own life. Instead, he reaches out for some help in the online abyss. As you might expect, there are a host of psycho-sexual freak-outs, mysterious men behind tinted windows and long stares at the fluorescent glow of computer screens.

Since first becoming a local sensation in Chicago in 2012, Chance has vaulted himself into the national spotlight. The next year's Acid Rap was a critical darling, dominating year-end lists and quickly becoming a cult favorite for its gripping vocal performances--Chance synthesizes Lil Wayne, Danny Brown, Kanye West and a short list of the last decade's most distinctive voices, infusing them with Chicago slang and a hippie-lite carefree approach. There were also some cutting, vital politics embedded in the folds; "Paranoia" is a stark reminder of the humanity behind the statistics in Chicago's most crime-ravaged neighborhoods. Chance is currently prepping the release of Surf, the album from his collective The Social Experiment, which promises to be a dense, genre-bending experiment. He has confirmed that his debut solo album will feature J. Cole, Frank Ocean and Andre 3000 of Outkast.

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