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Chance the Rapper Says His New Single Will Drop Soon
When Chance the Rapper took the hip-hop world by storm with 2013's Acid Rap, it seemed that every door was open to him. But instead of cashing in with a major-label deal--or even following down the lucrative independent path of a Macklemore--the Chicago wunderkind went away, returning only when he and his creative collective, The Social Experiment, had finished their bright, labyrinthine LP, Surf.
Chance The Rapper Cancels Tour Dates Due to Illness
Earlier today (April 24), representatives for Chance the Rapper took to his Twitter account to announce that he will be canceling some upcoming performances, citing the artist's ailing health. Chance is resting and hoping to make a full recovery soon, We apologize for the shows we are rescheduling & will keep you updated. — ...
Chance the Rapper Stars in Short Film ‘Mr. Happy’
Chance the Rapper might need to add new suffixes to his stage name. The Chicago upstart is trying his hand in front of the camera, starring in the new short film Mr. Happy, which chronicles the troubles of a depressed, cuckolded young man who can't quite bring himself to end his own life...
A Breakdown Of Chance The Rapper’s Verses In 2014
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Chance The Rapper And The Social Experiment Announce New Project ‘Surf’
With the recent release of his new single, "No Better Blues," Chance The Rapper and his band The Social Experiment were able to jokingly vocalize a plethora of things that he 'hates.' In a recent interview with Billboard, the 2014 XXL Freshman revealed a few upcoming projects that they're really excited about, including his upcoming projects Surf and SOX...

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