Chance The Rapper explained that his main focus right now is Surf and not his debut album.

"Surf is (The Social Experiment member) Nico's project," Chance told FADER's recent cover story. "He was working on it when we decided to be The Social Experiment, so we decided that his project should be first."

For now, all of Chance's attention is on Surf, the project he has been working on with The Social Experiment. Chance and The Social Experiment revealed pieces of their creative process and gave a little bit of information on Surf.  Without revealing too much about the exact sound, the Acid Rap MC detailed just how complex the songs on Surf are. "Every record has like 50 people on it," Chance explains. "The idea is to make a singular, four-minute-and-30-second song that feels like a year's worth of music."

Finally, Nico explained that this isn't just a Chance The Rapper album. "People hear what they wanna hear," says Nico. "If they only wanna listen to the songs with Chance The Rapper, they're gonna have to listen to the whole project cover-to-cover because I'm not gonna tell them which songs [he's on]. The important thing is just to listen. Listen to the music, then send it to your grandma."

The 2014 XXL Freshman has been doing things his own way since he burst onto the scene with 2013's Acid RapSince the mixtape dropped, Chance has been courted by every label exec on the planet but has made the conscious decision to remain independent and instead has toured incessantly and made a killing from selling merchandise without a followup release to Acid Rap. In a recent GQ interview, Chance drummed up excitement when he gave details on his debut album. But the hip-hop world will have to wait a little bit longer for the Chicago MC's highly-anticipated solo debut.


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