There's big news out of North Dakota today (Dec. 5), as the Army Corp of Engineers announced that it will seek an alternate route for the Dakota Access Pipeline. For months, members of the Sioux tribe as well as thousands of supporters, have protested the pipeline at the Standing Rock site after a proposed reroute was revealed to be potentially hazardous to the water supply of a nearby reservation.

CNN, The New York Times and more are reporting the decision to seek alternate routes, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe telling a crowd of protesters, "People have said that this is a make it or a break it, and I guess we made it."

Some within hip-hop have voiced their support for those at Standing Rock, celebrating this recent development via social media. It's important to note though, that an alternate route has not been decided upon, though the possibility is now available. "Reading good news about the pipeline and then saw the word 'halted'... Wake me up when it’s definitely NOT happening," Crooked I wrote. Killer Mike meanwhile echoed a common sentiment that the work isn't done. "Congrats to my native brothers & sisters," he wrote. "Let’s all keep pushing."

Check the above gallery for additional reactions from T.I., Chance The Rapper and Lupe Fiasco. Vic Mensa had joined the protesters at Standing Rock last week, writing on Instagram, "If you believe in the inalienable rights of people; the right to clean drinking water, the right to food & shelter and the right to freedom then you have to support standing rock. Get on a plane, drive, take a bus do whatever you have to do."