Following a successful show at S.O.B.'s last night, Chance The Rapper and Donnie Trumpet wiped the cold out their eyes early this morning for an interview with The Breakfast Club. The 40-plus minute interview touched on Chance's career, his father's political ties and working with Madonna.

"We're close friends, she's a very respectable woman," said Chance. "I met her through Frank Ocean, he brought her to a show out in L.A. Frank had put her onto the music and we met real quick. We didn't talk for a while and I was at some festival and I got a call from Jay Z and he was like, 'Yo, Madonna asked me to get on this 'Icon' record and I think it would be better if someone who is a new person who could be a new icon got on the track.'"

Simple as that when you live the life of Chance The Rapper.

Chance and Trumpet also spoke briefly on their upcoming Surf project but did not give any type of release date.

"I think everyone is excited for this Surf project, which is the first Social Experiment project," said Chance. "I mean if it wasn't for that project, I probably wouldn't have sold out Webster Hall; or gotten the cover of FADER; or be here talkin' to y'all. Everybody is looking for what I'm going to do next and I'm glad people are interested. And the answer is, I'm going to do new music and new dope shit."

"Surf originally was a play about wanting to live in L.A. and living in Chicago," added Trumpet. Obviously there's no surf culture in Chicago like there is in L.A. but we were making a lot of wavy music. It was an ironic play on the word and the idea of surfing and that being a part of the culture. It kept growing, changing and evolving and we brought it to the collective and it's changed a lot and morphed into this. It has a lot of good vibes."