Some collaborations just feel right. Yesterday, James Blake and Chance The Rapper teamed up for a remix to Blake's "Life Round Here," a track off the English singer-songwriter's last album Overgrown. It was a stark and beautiful little surprise, the perfect combination of Blake's moody, mercurial production and Chance's hyper-verbal, kinetic delivery. Earlier today, XXL jumped on the phone with the Acid Rap artist, discussing how the Blake song came about and what else the two have in the works.

Like, most worthwhile collaborations, the project grew out of a combination of mutual appreciation and random luck. "I met James Blake at SXSW this year before my tape even dropped," said Chance, taking a break during his current European tour with Macklemore. "He came to one of my shows and I freaked the fuck out. I’m a huge James Blake fan. I don’t even know if he knew I was a fan."

After the meeting, the two kept in touch and started working together on a couple of tracks, including some original material. Apparently Chance recorded two versions of the "Life Round Here" remix and the second version will hopefully come out soon.

But more than anything, Chance just wanted to make sure he didn't screw up Blake's track. "I love his records," explained Chance. "So to do another version of one of his songs that I felt was already completed was… you know… you don’t wanna fuck somebody’s shit up. I jumped on it and people seem to like it a lot. But I’m really excited for our other shit too."

He's not the only one. Listen to "Life Round Here (Remix)" below.