Chicago rapper Cdai has been sentenced to 38 years in prison. DNA Info reports that the Savage Squad Records/OTF affiliate, whose real name is Courtney Early, received his sentence on Monday (May 9) for his role in the 2014 murder of jitney cab driver Javan Boyd.

Cdai and fellow rapper RondoNumbaNine were convicted earlier this year of first-degree murder in the Boyd case. RondaNumbaNine, whose real name is Clint Massey, will receive his sentence in the coming weeks.

Javan Boyd was murdered on Feb. 22, 2014 when the two gunmen approached his car while he was waiting on a passenger. Prosecutors said the men asked Boyd if he was from the neighborhood and fired multiple rounds into the vehicle. Boyd was pronounced dead two hours after being taken to the hospital.

According to prosecutors, Cdai and RondoNumbaNine were part of a group of people who were driving around the Wentworth Gardens apartment complex that day. The group was looking to retaliate for an earlier shooting.

The murder was captured on nearby surveillance cameras. Prosecutors said that Cdai also left a fingerprint on Javan Boyd's car and dropped his cellphone as he fled the scene.

RondaNumbaNine was arrested and charged with murder on March 9, 2014. Eye-witnesses were able to identify him but not the other man involved in the attack. Just two weeks later, Cdai was named as the co-offender as he was arrested. RondaNumbaNine was just 17 years old at the time of his arrest while Cdai was 19 years old.

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