On Sunday, July 19, California-based clothing brand Diamond Supply Co. launched their fifth collaboration with singer/model Cassie Ventura.

Dubbed the "Neon" capsule collection, the new collab between Cassie and Diamond Supply consists of a series of tees and crew fleeces, each adorned with a seductive image of the R&B singer drenched in vibrant and colorful paint, which is inspired by Coachella's Neon Carnival. Now being sold exclusively at PacSun retailers across the U.S., the collaboration marks another solid capsule collection from both parties.

To help celebrate the release of the fifth capsule collection between Cassie and Diamond Supply Co., the beautiful R&B singer held a meet and greet this past Sunday at the PacSun location in Queens Center Mall. Before her meet greet, though, Cassie—also known as Diddy's girlfriend when she's not helping design clothing lines—took some time out of her busy schedule and spoke to XXL about the inspiration behind her new collection with Diamond Supply and also gave us some of her favorite hip-hop records at the moment. —Roger Krastz

XXL: What is it that you love about Diamond Supply Co. that has made you want to work with them so often?
Cassie: I've always felt that Diamond Supply Co. was a really good representative of my personal style. And I love streetwear and I just loved the vibe that they've always had, you know, so it's pretty organic. We're family now and I love the group of people that I've been working with at Diamond.

When did the talks for your fifth collaboration with Diamond Supply begin?
We were inspired by the Neon Carnival from Coachella, so it was right before that time.

How involved were you in the creative process of this new collection?
I am very involved with the creative process. Bana is one of their designers and we communicate every day and talk about new ideas every day. So I'm super involved in the process.

What's the story behind this new collaboration?
For this fifth collaboration, Nick [Tershay, aka Nicky Diamonds] had just gotten back from Spain and he was really inspired by all the street art and colorful art of the city. So when he came back we had discussed a neon colorful t-shirt that's inspired by the Neon Carnival at Coachella. So we did the paints and worked with an artist.

Should we expect more collabs between you and Diamond Supply later down the line?
Yeah. I'm currently wearing what I collaborated with Diamond Women's on for spring of 2016, so the leggings and jackets. So I'm looking forward to fans checking out this upcoming collaboration.

What are your five favorite hip-hop records at the moment?
Definitely [Rihanna's] "Bitch Better Have My Money." I really love that record. I love "King Kunta" by Kendrick Lamar. I love his whole album, I would have to say. Puff's "Finna Get Loose" and then the first two records off Meek Mill's new album, "Lord Knows" and "Classic."

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