Cash Out and Pusha T flex hard on "Creed," a new track featuring a Beatmonster Marc instrumental and King Push's signature hard-hitting bars.

Both rappers come with lyrics that take you right to the frontlines of the trap. Cash Out takes his usual laid-back approach with his verse while flexing a pretty nimble flow over the mellow beat. "These bitches get on my nerves/My shooters they ready to purge/I get it I whip it and serve," he spits, jet-skiing over the instrumental. A few bars later he's saying he's paid a drug addict to do his dishes, which are definitely covered in coke.

Next is Pusha, who comes through and absolutely kills it, delivering his customary bars about how young trappers could never reach his level in the drug game. "Never did I own a V-6/Shit I started in a V-8," he raps at one point. "You was cool selling 8-balls/My phone chirp when they need weight."

Cash Out was fairly quiet in the latter portion of 2016, but it looks like he's on the hunt again in 2017. As for Pusha, he's been busy doing shoe deals and very recently, dismissing rumors about random rappers signing to G.O.O.D. Music, the record label he's the president of.

Recently, Long Island, New York rapper King Myers claimed that he was signed to Pusha's label, and the My Name is My Name artist promptly responded, tweeting “I don’t know who your are bro, stop it…" You can read more about that here.

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