On Saturday (April 21), a video surfaced that appears to show Brooklyn rapper Casanova and his crew being shot at on a BK street while filming a music video. But the "Don't Run" rapper is denying the claims.

Saturday afternoon, a capture of an Instagram Live video popped up on social media that shows 'Nova and his crew mobbing deep on a street corner. Shortly into the video, shots ring out and people start to scramble for cover.

Fellow Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine, who has had issues with Cas in the past, reposted the video along with the caption: "You keep my name in your mouth. How you getting shot in ya own hood. Can't even shoot a video in Brooklyn." The "Gummo" rapper removed the video a short time later.

Later in the day, Cas uploaded a video on social media denying he was popped at. "Don't make me hot," he said. "Why you doing that? You know damn well nobody ain't shot at me, man. Everybody at the motherfucking video shoot was my motherfucking sons, nigga."

He also posted a screenshot of 6ix in his DM's inquiring if they have beef. "I ain't never answer since January and still ain't gonna answer you," the caption reads. "You know my body god bless your soul I'm on parole and if I see you I'm gonna give you a hug cause you need that instead of a slug....Niggas like you discredit real niggas that really put in work.But guess what one day your gonna have to face the people you troll let your gun gooo Ba ba boom You won't trick me been there done that ."

He punctuated his feeling on Twitter adding, "Give me a L cause I can’t win on the internet but in these streets I’m a fucking beast ."

Last night, both Cas and 6ix9ine were spotted at the Barclays Center for the Adrien Broner fight. 6ix posted a video of himself and his crew outside the venue clowning Cas for getting shot at.

In related news, a shooting occurred at the Barclays Center around 9:30 p.m., XXL has confirmed with the New York City Police Department. No one was injured and police did not take anyone into custody.

XXL has reached out to the NYPD for confirmation on the shooting that reportedly occurred at the music video shoot, but details on the location are scarce and they were not able to provide any information.

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