Troy Ave recently comparing himself to 2Pac during an interview on The Breakfast Club has ruffled some feathers. Now rising Brooklyn rapper and Tax Stone affiliate Casanova is clowning his fellow Brooklyn MC, calling him the new Soulja Boy instead.

Ave recently opened up with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Ye about a number of topics, including the falling out with his former manager Hovain and the shootings that almost took his life. That's when the Bricks in My Backpack rapper threw out this gem. “I go in the mothafuckin’ clubs and niggas goin’ crazy. ‘Oh shit, that’s Troy Ave, nigga it’s the second coming of 2Pac, it’s NewPac.'” He doubled down and announced he will be dropping the street album Dope Boy Troy Vol. 2: NuPac the next day.

Cas has had enough of the BSB rapper's antics. Taking to Instagram, the "Don't Run" rapper posted a video of himself acting like he's Troy Ave hilariously telling the story of when he got shot on Christmas Day. "NEW PAC 😏😩MORE LIKE THE NEW SOULJA BOY 😂😩YOU MAKING ME SHLEEPY," he captioned the video.

Mysonne was the first rapper to publicly call Troy out. “I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t come out and say Troy Ave is a fucking bozo,” he said in an Instagram video. In the caption, the rapper wrote, “I’m just tired of the Bullshit, Us Real ni**as trying to get out the Streets and these clowns trying to stay in Em. I’m sorry but I can’t peacefully co-exist with Suckers. Stop making clowns Famous ..Ronald McDonald is enough.. #IworkForThePeople#ImRealInRealLife #ImNotUsedToThis #R.I.P.Banga.”

Check out the video of Cas joking at Troy Ave's expense below.

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