Cardi B is used to getting weird comments on social media, but when they are about her children, she goes on the attack. Recently, Bardi clapped back at a troll who called her daughter Kulture “autistic.”

On Friday (June 24), Cardi B jumped on her Twitter account and purportedly shared a video of herself dancing. Unfortunately, the Bronx rapper posted the alleged clip while the world was reacting to the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade. A person reportedly tweeted to Bardi, “Your daughter is literally autistic and you’re on stan twitter instead of making sure she’s not sticking her finger in outlets.”

Cardi B caught wind of the user’s since-deleted tweet and clapped back, “My daughter is not autistic...You can’t call her ugly so y’all have to diagnose her wit something. Go play in traffic bitch.”

Bardi also responded to another troll who suggested that her daughter couldn’t read. “My child is 3 years old...You see this why abortions shouldn’t get banned...cause that’s the first shit your mother should of done with your glitter bottom ass,” she tweeted.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper also addressed another troll who felt that she is too old to be attacking people on Twitter for their outlandish comments.

"30,40,50 ...Don’t bring my kids up on shit...This is all because I put a video of me dancing and y’all wanted me to talk about rod vs wade ...WHY YALL BRING UP KIDS FOR? Wtf my kids gotta do wit yall misery?" she wrote.

The reactions to Cardi’s acidic reply to a troll drew various responses. Some people suggestd that she stop addressing hateful people while others feel that calling someone autistic should not be viewed as an insult.

"I’m not saying she’s autistic but even if she was there’s several worse things she could be! Coming form an autistic adult," tweeted one person.

Another fan wrote, "Love, just ignore them bitches, and these barbz really bouta get the worst of it cause they quick to say something about u, but when they 'FAV' do sum wrong, they make excuses and shii to make it seem like she innocent like, wtf bruh."

When it comes to trolls, Cardi B doesn’t allow her children to be disrespected. Watch her video response to people's hateful comments below.

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