Cardi B is here to stay. The 23-year-old Bronx native earned her stripes in the music industry while appearing as one of the stars on Love & Hip Hop: New York. Now she's making waves as a MC. The brown skim bombshell isn't afraid to be herself and she is very comfortable in her skin. With a dynamic personality and a body that can make you fall in love, follow Ms. B on Instagram for all your eye candy needs.

She spoke to XXL earlier this year about how she deals with haters online. "Sometimes it gets hard for me to ignore it until I go to an event that I host and I be like, Damn, I can’t really give up when I got all these people telling me that I make them feel good! Some girl told me that because of me, she smiles," Cardi said. "She’s like, 'My teeth are crooked, but now I smile in my pictures because I don’t give a fuck.'"