Cantrell is on his way. After switching professions as a jam skater to making it as a respected rapper, the Albany, Ga. native dropped his debut EP, Stardust 2 Angels, during the summer of 2018. Los Angeles—where his rap career started to take off—and the local skating rink in his hometown inspired Cantrell to craft the eight-song project, which put his lyrical abilities and poetic sensibilities on full display. He followed up strong with this year’s Devil Never Even Lived. Living up to the standards he’s set for himself, Cantrell puts his poetry in motion for XXL’s What I Do freestyle series.

“Flip words and shoot verbs, dome splatter,” raps the lyrical assassin, who says he’ll go harder than Waka Flocka Flame. “Don’t miss these, because these lines are above average/See, I can build a stairway to heaven/For any rapper that’s after me, I’m ill with the lead, no Zeppelin/Lonely in the corner singing 'Novacane, a pacifist/Or passive-aggressive, how I handle all of my sadder shit.”

Earlier this year, the self-described Deion Sanders of hip-hop teamed up with other members of the Mass Appeal Records roster—the label he signed with—to deliver the compilation EP, Starting 5, Vol .1. He also appeared alongside squad members Fashawn, 070 Phi, Ezri and Stro for the month-long Starting 5 Tour, which touched down in major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Watch what the “Keep Yappin” rapper has to say in his freestyle for XXL’s What I Do series above.

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