There was no way in hell Cam'ron was gonna let this ride. After taking shots from Ma$e on the diss track, "The Oracle," Killa claps back with his own verbal assassination on the new song, "Dinner Time."

The Dipset rapper takes it to his former friend on the Heatmakerz-produced track, which samples a sermon, an obvious poke at Ma$e's days in the pulpit. "Time to get the facts across/Ohh, somebody pissed the pastor off/I'm all for the jokes, bundle up, get your coat/But, I only go for the throat, I'ma chimney, I want the smoke," Cam starts off.

The slander continues with Cam discrediting Ma$e's Harlem origins and alleging his status as the neighborhood punching bag. "I'll take it to the beginning/When Corey Wright japped you, Baby Maine yapped you/Roc over here slapped you, you still gave him dap too/That's when I asked you, 'Murder what's the verdict?/You said, 'Nah chill Cam, I feel like I deserved it,'" he raps.

The Purple Haze rapper delves deeper, claiming he slept with Ma$e's sister, which she denies, and calling Betha a corrupt preacher ("Collection plate money in his pocket, he a klepto/And to get a dollar dollar you would suck a Creflo"). He even throws in a line about seeing a sex toy in Ma$e's bathroom, while he was living with Diddy. Sheesh.

Ma$e confirmed that it was Killa's lyrics on the song, "It's Killa," off Cam's new mixtape, The Program, that forced his hand initially. On the track, the Dipset rapper speaks about a situation where he claims he had to protect Ma$e from the boyfriend of some woman he was creeping with. "I ain't give a damn, yeah Cam I was gung-ho/Got this nigga home and he passed me a hundo ($100 dollars?!)/Told him straight up I ain't feeling him/Let me curve this nigga 'fore I end up killing him," Cam spits on the track.

Now here we are.

Listen to Cam'ron's new Ma$e diss song, "Dinner Time" below.

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