It's 2014, and Cam'ron has a new beef - it's with high school kids. Despite missing his show out in London because of some goons who were trying to jump him, Cam'ron was able to visit Tim Westwood and chop it up with him. During the interview, Cam broke down a bevy of ways of how he manages to stay paid In full, despite the climate appearing gloomy. In addition, he spoke on how the younger generation are at fault for contributing to the culture's spiral.

"With music, you've got to find ways to get paid again 'cause all the cool kids in junior high school and high school, they think you're wack if you pay for music," he said. "All the cool kids know how to steal it so it has to be something real worth buying for them to get it."

Despite the kids trying to knock Killa's hustle, he still has managed to find ways to circulate money. Just recently, he was featured in Reebok 's newest commercial to promote the “Blacktop Retaliates." On the music front, Cam'ron and his new running mate, A-Trak proved the two are very much still formidable by delivering a great a show in NYC awhile back. Don't sleep on Killa.