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CamoflaugeVEVO via YouTube
CamoflaugeVEVO via YouTube

2003: Jason “Camoflauge” Johnson isn’t eulogized like other slain hip-hop artists who garner most of the mainstream publicity. Regardless, the fiery MC was one of the South’s talented young stars before his tragic murder.

Camoflauge released his debut independent album, I Represent, in 2000 on R&D Records. The album garnered a modest buzz in Savannah, Ga. helping him score a record deal with Uptown/Universal Records for 2001’s Strictly 4 Da Streets: Drugs, Sex and Violence, Vol. 1. The album’s lead single, “Cut Friends,” was his biggest hit. A year later, he followed up with his third album, Keepin’ It Real, on his label, Pure Pain Records.

Tragedy struck on May 19, 2003, when Camoflauge was shot and killed in Savannah, Georgia. The incident occurred outside of Pure Pain Records studio on West 37th Street. At the time, Camoflauge was holding his 16-month old son, Yandon, when he was gunned down. Thankfully, his son was not injured. The Savannah Morning News reported Cam’s murder was allegedly tied to a string of local homicides, but those claims have never been verified.

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