Caleb Brown connects with .Idk. to bring their ominous "Bleublk" to life. After releasing the single back in February, the pair returned to unleash the harrowing visual last week (April 17).

The clip opens with a menacing bird's eye view of what looks to be an insane asylum. Inside, doctors work on the "Batonstan Pt. 3" rapper like he's some sort of trial in an experiment. Caleb struggles as he's chained up in a corner with a Bane mask constricting his breathing and movement.

The DMV native injects himself into the scene alongside Brown, who is being forced to wear a straitjacket that restricts his freedom. The sound horn-tinged sonic suddenly changes to more of an uplifting tone.

"I be killing that kitty like me Jason/In the spot with a G like a Free Mason/Fuck a White girl and pray for a free nation/Fuck a White girl so good she can't be racist/Middle finger up to Trump," .Idk. rhymes while taking aim at President No. 45.

Medical professionals make a cameo again later in the visual, as they look to suffocate IDK to death with a few pillows. "Don't be hard-headed," says the doctor standing face-to-face with the Swamp Tales rapper, who is in disgust about the whole situation. Caleb then tries to punch the doc to no avail, who leaves the scene as the sinister video comes to a close to the sound of broken glass and booming explosions.

Check out the "Bleublk" video below.

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