On Wednesday (December 29), rapper C-Murder was denied an appeal by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for his 2009 murder conviction.

According to MSNBC, a three-judge court panel upheld the ruling on C-Murder's life sentence stemming from the 2002 killing of a 16 year-old fan at a nightclub in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Born Corey Miller, the incarcerated rapper appealed early last year after alleging that prosecutors offered him an unfair trial by "systematically [eliminating] black people from the jury" as well as sharing "prejudicial and unsubstantiated" information.

This comes after previous reports from M-11 of Tru Records that the Louisiana MC had been communicating with fellow inmate Lil Boosie in Angola State Penitentiary while awaiting their appeals.

“He said, he told me they send messages to each other,” M-11 said during an interview. “He hasn’t seen him directly, but they send messages to each other.. so, they keep in touch.”

As of press time there was no comment from Miller's legal team.—Ralph Bristout

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