Less than a week ago, Bryson told fans his Trapsoul album went gold. Well forget that - today he confirmed the album is actually platinum in the Instagram post above. Congrats to the kid.

Original Story:

Bryson Tiller dropped his debut album Trapsoul back in September, but has carried the momentum into the new year by linking up with The Weeknd, joining the Summer Jam Stadium Stage and overall continuing to raise his profile within the present R&B landscape. And for all his efforts, Tiller has reached a big a milestone, posting a gold plaque on Instagram on Wednesday (April 20).

"My first plaque! gold album and a platinum single," he wrote below the photo. "Thanks to everyone who made it possible!" The achievement is right up there with receiving the key to Louisville, KY, which Tiller was honored with back in March.

In an interview with XXL from earlier in the year, Tiller detailed his rise as an artist, and how previous to dropping Trapsoul, he was working at UPS and Papa John's. Meanwhile, the singer told Boombox in October that his life has improved remarkably since dropping the album.

"My life has changed drastically. Like I said, I was sleeping in my car and now I’m on the road a lot," he said. "Just doing what I used to do. But now I’m doing it for a living. On my project, I say something like, 'I used to do it for fun and now I do it for funds' because it was really everyday after school I used to go to my boy’s crib to record songs. I mean, I used to cut school sometimes and record songs. So now, I’m doing the same thing. Every day I’m in the studio but getting paid to do it."

Congratulations are extended Tiller's way, with his celebratory IG photo included up above.

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