Sometimes, things just work out. Miami rapper Brianna Perry first came to fame through her time on the TV show Sisterhood of Hip-Hop, becoming popular off that exposure. Now that she's pushing onward with her career, she has a new song and video by the name of "Slow Dance." The track features 2018 XXL Freshman BlocBoy JB and the video is fun in the sun.

Directed by YoYo in the Building, the video starts with a sweeping view of a pool party, packed with friends. Brianna is in the center of the pool on an inner tube, just floating around and enjoying the day. After a few shots of the tons of women at the party, it cuts to the driveway, where BlocBoy is hanging with Brianna. The video transitions to a strip club scene with both rappers, complete with flying money.

The chorus is Brianna brushing off her interactions with haters. "Hoes be hating, I just slow dance with money/In a romance with the money/In a real trance with the money," she raps. Since she's still getting paid, everything seems to be fine.

BlocBoy also spits, "Get my green like Shrek, yeah, serving all the crack heads/Make his brain hit the skillet like a cracked egg."

Keep an eye out for Brianna's upcoming EP, Fortune Cookie. Back in 2016, Brianna talked to XXL about her future plans and also dropped her "Something to Live For" video around the same time.

Peep Brianna Perry's "Slow Dance" video featuring BlocBoy JB below.

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