Bow Wow is going through some things.

On Friday (June 21), the rapper-actor shared on his Instagram account a photo of his damaged car. In the picture, the window on the driver's side of his Mercedes G-Wagon is smashed. Bow Wow appears to know who the culprit is but doesn't call her out by name. "Really? So this what you do? you pull up to my place of business and bust the windows out the g wagon? While I'm working? Really....? Come on girl..."

Whoever did it, she must have been really mad. As some of his followers pointed out in the comment section, Bow Wow is experiencing what Jazmine Sullivan sang about on her classic 2009 revenge-fantasy ballad "Bust Your Windows." Either way, actions like this could also lead to some charges for the person who did it.

In an unrelated note, this news arrives months after Bow Wow arrested for battery in Atlanta after reportedly getting into an altercation with his on-off girlfriend Leslie Holden. When police arrived on the scene, they found Bow Wow and Leslie Holden both with visible scars from their fight.

Bow claimed that Holden assaulted him, while Holden alleged that the rapper put his hands on her. Unable to determine who started the fight, police arrested both of them at the scene. Since then, Bow Wow's attorney, Joe. S Habachy, has come out to defend the rapper stating his arrest was unlawful and that Holden was the "prime aggressor."

Hopefully, Bow Wow can get his car window repaired. Check out the photo below.

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