Bow Wow claims that he never enjoyed rapping. The MC went on Twitter yesterday (May 5) to admit that he's hated rapping his entire life. The "Bounce Wit Me" artist said he always wanted to act and do comedy.

"My whole life I hated rapping," Bow Wow wrote. "Folks don't know that. I always wanted to be a comedian growing up. I wanted to act."

As fans began to ask him if he was done with music, Bow Wow explained that he's got plenty of work in the vault. The rapper said he's simply not passionate about it anymore and is not in a situation where he needs to put out new music.

"I got songs. Tons. Just not really passionate bout the game," Bow Wow tweeted. "Made the money. Been rapping since [I was] five. New place now. I still got my deal. I do what I want. Label cant force me. Paid my dues. I do it when I want. Now ain't the time."

Bow Wow also boasted that his acting career has helped him earn more money than most rappers.

"In five months of filming, I'll have made more than half of what these rappers make in that one year alone," he wrote."

Bow Wow told fans that he's still signed to Cash Money Records and despite his lack of production, things are still cool between him and Birdman. He capped things off by saying he was done with rap when he turned 30.

"Man why y'all stressing this music so much?" Bow Wow asked. "I been told y'all, when I hit 30 im not rapping NO MO (Birdman voice)."

Bow Wow's full attention seems to be on his acting career. The Ohio native currently stars in the CBS series CSI: Cyber.

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