Update (May 10, 7:12 p.m. EST):

Bow Wow was on Instagram Live today worry-free, addressing the controversy. "Everybody talking about the plane," he says in the clip below. "I didn't know that was news." Watch the video below.

Original Story:

We don't know if you heard, but the Internet is undefeated, and unfortunately for Bow Wow, he's the one it's now set its ruthless gaze upon.

Yesterday (May 9), the rapper was caught in a what appeared to be an instance of fake flexing, uploading an Instagram post that included an image of a private jet, only to have a passenger on the flight he was actually taking upload a picture of him on a commercial plane. Yikes.

Now, social media users everywhere are roasting Bow Wow, and in an attempt to make the roasting more creative, they've concocted the Bow Wow Challenge. The "challenge" sees users juxtapose images of themselves appearing to do one thing with an image of them doing something quite different. They include the hashtag "#BowWowChallenge" at the end of each post.

One Twitter user uploaded an image of a bell boy bringing a gourmet meal to his hotel room. In the photo next to it, we see what he's actually about to eat, which is a still decent looking plate of chicken nuggets stacked atop some macaroni & cheese. "Just ordered room service," he wrote in the tweet.

Another Twitter user uploaded an image of three sizable bottles of liquor, only to reveal that they're actually only about one-tenth the size, writing, "Hella Bottles For Tonight," in the tweet.

Today, we take a look at other entries in The Bow Wow Challenge. Peep them below. They're all pretty hilarious.

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